'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Sends Home One Woman After Hometown Visits

The Bachelor Colton Underwood sent home Caelynn Miller-Keys during this week's hometown visits episode.

After this week's rose ceremony elimination, only Tayshia Adams, Cassie Randolph and Hannah Goodwin remain in contention for the final rose.

The episode started with Colton visiting Caelynn's family in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The whole trip went smoothly, with Colton getting an endorsement, but only if Caelynn felt the same way about him. Caelynn told her family she let Colton know about being sexually assaulted when she was in college.

At the end of the day, the two kissed and Caelynn felt sure Colton was the one for her, especially after her family saw how real the love was between the two.

"I am confident that I am fully in love with you," Caelynn said before the two kissed.

She later told producers she was ready to get engaged and felt "really good" about them.

Next, Hannah took Colton to an etiquette class in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama before taking her to meet her parents. Hannah wanted to make sure he was the perfect Southern gentleman. All those lessons paid off, since Hannah's entire family and a few friends were at the dinner to make sure Colton was good for Hannah.

Hannah's mother was not all that happy about this at first, since she did not want to see her daughter hurt at the end of The Bachelor season. Her friends had the opposite reaction, noting that Hannah has never been really emotional about a guy.

"The Colton that I've grown to actually know has blown my expectations out of the water," Hannah said. She also told one of her other friends that she is not afraid of him being a virgin.

During a one-on-one with Hannah's father, Colton asked for his permission to marry his daughter. Her father said he could if Hannah is the last one standing.

In the second hour of the show, Tayshia introduced Colton to her family in Orange County, California.

Colton met Cassie's family in Huntington Beach, California. The day with Tayshia included skydiving, which was scary. However, what was scarier was not getting a blessing from Tayshia's father. It was not easy, but he secured her father's approval before leaving.

Colton's day with Cassie started off with surfing, which did not go so well for him. The visit to Cassie's family went much better. Colton spoke with Cassie's mother, who told him she believed there was chemistry between them.

Cassie's father put his foot down, trying to make sure she does not rush into anything she might regret. He later grilled Colton, who promised he would be a great husband if they got married. Unfortunately, Cassie's father thought it was too early to give his blessing. Unlike Tayshia's father, there was no last-second change. And to make matters worse, Cassie did not say "I'm falling in love with you," leaving Colton confused about how she really feels.

Although all the hometown visits went well, Colton had to make a tough decision. Someone had to be eliminated before Fantasy Suites night and that was Caelynn.

At the end, Caelynn said she felt "stupid" and an "idiot" for thinking she would make it to the end. Colton pulled her close as she cried. She continued crying as the car drove her from the Bachelor mansion, and Colton looked down at the ground.


The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC