Audrey Roloff Shares Daughter Ember Jean's Major Milestone

Little People, Big World couple Audrey and Jeremy Roloff shared a video on Instagram today that they will cherish forever.

The couple posted an adorable video of their daughter laughing for the first time.

The short clip shows Jeremy playing with Ember Jean, who is only three months old. the smiling newborn lets out an adorable giggle, which leaves both parents stunned.

"Gahhhh!!!! Ember's first laugh! I've watched this at least 100 times already and it happened 2 hours ago... [Jeremy Roloff] got a little teary eyed," Audrey wrote. "I can't believe I was able to capture it on video! Oh what joy. This is my new favorite sound and such a precious Christmas gift. You light us up little Ember."

The video has been seen over 137,000 times and liked by over 23,000 Instagram users.

"By far one of the best feelings ever when you hear your child's laughter (and really you never loose the joy of hearing it) God bless her and you guys," one person wrote.

"Aww sooo adorable to cute love dem baby laughs, my daughter she's be 2 in [February], I can't get enough all this cuteness," another added.

Ember Jean was born on Sept. 10 and her parents have been chronicling her growth on Instagram ever since. Some of the photos have been criticized for promoting products, but even the critics have to admit that their latest posting is cute.


"I've watched this 100 times too! She is so precious," one person wrote about the laughing video.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff