Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Slammed by Critics After Taking Baby Ember's First Beach Trip

Even something as simple as going to the beach cannot come easy for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

The couple, who are parents to newborn Ember Jean, were the target of trolls again after posting pictures from their trip.

Audrey posted a picture oft their daughter sleeping in her crib on a Instagram Story, wrapped in a blanket and sleeping next to stuffed animals. That's when the Little People Big World fanbase came out in full force to criticize Ember's crib set-up.

roloff baby
(Photo: Instagram/Audrey Roloff)

"It's a suffocation hazard — the advice for safe sleep changed in the 1990s — the rules are that babies should be put to sleep on their back and no suffocation hazards (blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals) should be in the crib," an Instagram user wrote. "Babies should sleep swaddled (until they can roll) or in a wearable blanket (sleep sack). The chances aren't high for suffocation — but many would agree that it's not worth the risk...3500 babies die annually from sleep related deaths (this includes SIDS but also accidental suffocation from unsafe sleep environments)."

"Just watched your story from one mom to the next the crib nap she shouldn't have a blanket or animals in her crib not trying to be mean just want her safe," another wrote.

But another Instagram user came to Audrey's defense.

"She will be fine, this mama has a 15-year-old daughter and I have a 28-year-[old] daughter," she wrote. "We always had blankets and toys and bumper guards in their cribs and they were safe dear. She will be fine."

Jeremy and Audrey took Embert on her first trip to the Oregon coast. "Ember's first trip to the beach. The Oregon coast decided to really showing off," they wrote.


Ember Jean Roloff, the youngest member of the family featured on TLC's Little People Big World, was born in September. Her mother was criticized last month for stacking things on top of the baby.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff