Arie Luyendyk Jr. Shares Photos of Lauren Burnham in Hospital as She Prepares to Give Birth

Bachelor Nation is holding its breath after former Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. revealed wife Lauren Burnham was officially in labor with their first child.

Tuesday night, The Bachelor alum took to Instagram to reveal he and Burnham, who met and fell in love on Season 22 of the ABC dating show, had made it to the hospital for the birth of their little girl.

Posing with Burnham, clad in a hospital gown and holding her belly, Luyendyk Jr. wrote excitedly, “IT’S HAPPENING!”

Arie Luyendyk Jr Lauren Burnham labor
(Photo: Instagram/Arie Luyendyk Jr.)

Another photo of the grinning mother-to-be in her gown showed off just how far along her baby bump has gotten over the last few weeks of eager waiting, with the couple captioning the sweet photo, "Is it time yet? #39weekspregnant."

As they waited to welcome their little one, the two documented their hospital antics on their Instagram Stories, with Burnham teasing her husband for taking too long to find parking, and Luyendyk Jr. joking that they were going to get in trouble when the mom-to-be took him for a wheelchair joyride in the hospital hallway.

Lauren Burnam Labor full
(Photo: Instagram/Baby Luyendyk)

Around 1 a.m. eastern time, Luyendyk Jr. updated fans on his wife's labor, saying her contractions at that point were only two minutes apart, and that she was "doing great!"

Shortly after 5 a.m., the dad-to-be provided another update, writing, "She is doing great and everything is going smoothly! We are going to try and catch a little sleep and hopefully we will meet our baby soon."

Lauren Burnham labor doing great
(Photo: Instagram/Arie Luyendyk Jr.)

Bachelor Nation was quick to weigh in on the impending birth, with current Bachelorette, Hannah Brown commenting, "Yayy! So exciting!"

Former Bachelor producer Elan Gale added, "BRING. HEEEEEERRRRRR. HOOOOOME."

The pair announced they were expecting their first child together in November, just two months before their elaborate Hawaii wedding.

“I kind of had a feeling that I might be pregnant. So my friend insisted on bringing a pregnancy test over,” Burnham told Us Weekly at the time. “Arie came out with the test in his hand and tears in his eyes. He was like, ‘You’re pregnant!’”


“Lauren took all of them and they were all positive,” Luyendyk Jr. added. “We weren’t trying, but we are so excited. It’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.”

Photo credit: Instagram/Baby Luyendyk