Andrew Glennon Alleges Amber Portwood's Alleged Attack 'Wasn't the First Time'

Andrew Glennon is claiming some shocking new details about his relationship with Amber Portwood after the Teen Mom OG star was arrested for alleged domestic battery. As fans looked for more details about the shocking July 5 arrest, which was allegedly prompted by Portwood wielding a machete at her boyfriend and their 1-year-old son, James, Glennon took to Instagram to proclaim his "clean conscience" with a simple post.

"Nothing better in the world than a clean conscience," a graphic he shared reads.

Despite reports that have emerged since Portwood's arrest claiming Glennon was cheating on the MTV personality, he responded to a commenter: "I never cheated nor am on the market to. Evvvver."

He also revealed that Portwood's alleged explosion wasn't totally out of the blue after a commenter accused him of not being "sympathetic" to her mental illness, slamming him for not "working with her through this."

"Wasn't the first time, just the worst time," he responded. "It's been a long road of trying to heal."

Glennon currently has a no-contact order against Portwood, but the reality personality was granted supervised visits with her son Thursday.

As for the reality behind what happened between Portwood and Glennon ahead of the fight, a source told Us Weekly that the Teen Mom is "very sensitive" about men appearing to take advantage of her due to being burned in past relationships.

"They love each other but as things intensify, it's becoming a more difficult situation to navigate and come back from," the source noted. "She's learning more things about Andrew with time."

Another source told the same publication, however, that Glennon has been "nothing but faithful" to Portwood, alleging it was other, more serious, issues causing drama in their relationship, including "her lack of self care with her mental disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly."

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Photo credit: Instagram/Andrew Glennon