Amy Roloff Gushes Over Future Daughter-In-Law Isabel Rock

Amy Roloff is bonding with the newest member of the Roloff family!

The Little People, Big World matriarch shared on Instagram over the weekend that she was having a great time hanging out with youngest son Jacob Roloff's new fiancée, Isabel Rock.

The two got engaged on a romantic trip to Iceland on Christmas Day, and shared shortly after their announcement of the major relationship milestone in January. Since then, Roloff has been having a field day getting ready for the next Roloff family wedding.

Friday, the two posed for a silly selfie with the Snapchat glasses filter.

amy roloff isabel rock
(Photo: Instagram/@amyroloff)

"I love this girl that Jacob asked to marry him," Amy captioned the photo. "We have a great time hanging out and talking. Excited to go to her art event at Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains tomorrow. So proud of her! I'm a blessed mom - All my DIL's are awesome, doing good things in life and they inspire me too. You Rock Isabel."

Rock first met the youngest Roloff in high school, revealing in an interview with The Knot, and the two quickly became best friends.

Three years after things turned romantic between the two, they planned a trip to Iceland, a place Rock had only ever dreamed of going.

"Something I found interesting about the trip was the butterflies I kept getting at various times throughout," she revealed. "On Christmas Day, though, the butterflies wouldn't quit and I just knew something amazing was going to happen!"

The two went their separate ways to pick out Christmas gifts for each other, and when the couple came back together, Jacob guided her to a small lake in the middle of the city that was completely frozen over.

"That is when he stopped directly in the middle and suggested excitedly that we exchange gifts right there," Rock continued. "My heart started beating so fast. He handed me my gift; a tiny black box, inside of it a tiny bag, with a stunning turquoise ring. I slowly pulled it out, and to my complete surprise, it was a ring we had seen earlier that day— a handmade Icelandic ring that was my favorite color. But it was definitely not an engagement ring! Tripping over my words I said, 'Oh.. it's.. it's beautiful,' because it was, but I will admit I was completely thrown off!"

But Jacob was just messing with her.


"Right then, Jacob spun me around and said, 'Alright, one more gift…' and that is the moment he got down on one knee and asked the question I'd been longing to hear..." she added. "He asked with a ring box he had hand built out of real wood and my dream ring. I said 'YES!' and leapt into his arms to hug him and we both cried."

Photo credit: Facebook/Amy Roloff