Amy Roloff Fans Accuse Matt of Trying to Steal Her Business Idea

Matt and Amy Roloff have been working to repair their strained relationship since they finalized their divorce in 2016, but fans are still taking sides when it comes to the Little People, Big World couple.

The latest drama between viewers who support Matt and those rooting for Amy came to comment section of a seemingly innocuous social media post from Matt where he supported the Roloff brand of salsas on Monday.

One of the products the family makes at Roloff Farms is a line of pumpkin salsas, which are now being sold at Kroger stores. But when Matt posted a photo celebrating the business victory on Instagram and Facebook, lines in the sand were quickly drawn.

matt roloff salsa
(Photo: Instagram/Matt Roloff)

"Our Roloff Farm Pumpkin salsa has been promoted to right smack dab in the middle of the store in the All Natural area... (at markets in our area)," he captioned the photo in part. "No more spending hours trying to find it. If it's not already at your local store be sure to ask for at any [Kroger] brand store. It's delicious and healthy!"

Fans were quick to accuse him of taking credit with the word "ours" when they believe Amy did most of the work, as she has traditionally overseen the family's food lines.

"I remember the show during pumpkin season where Amy had to dress up like a honeybee because you told her that HER salsa wasn't selling and she had to do something to promote it. Funny to see that you refer to it as OUR salsa now," wrote one Facebook commenter.

"The salsa was prepared by Amy, and Matt wanted to take over ... then all of a sudden he started calling it our salsa. As usual, he wanted all the credit for himself, and when it was a success, he changed his mind," another added on Facebook.

Things got so ugly that Matt himself jumped in to tell that commenter that their facts were "completely wrong."

But the Roloff patriarch had plenty of other defenders in the comment section as well.

"Without Matt there wouldn't be a Roloff Farms of any kind! Like it or not Matt made Roloff Farms practically on his own. He's had almost every vision that is there today. Matt might not have made the salsa, but he knows how to market it," one user wrote.


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