'America's Next Top Model' Star Adrianne Curry Details Intense Breast Implant Removal Surgery

America's Next Top Model star Adrianne Curry shared an extensive blog post detailing her intense breast implant removal surgery, during which there was a shocking complication. Curry, 37, shared graphic photos and details last week, beginning the post with a warning that "this message brought to you by Oxycodone." Curry gained fame as the winner of America's Next Top Model's first cycle in 2003.

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Curry detailed how she prepared for the procedure, which took place on Monday, Jan. 6. The model and her husband, Matthew Rhode, flew to Chicago on Jan. 4 to meet with surgeon Dr. Mussat. The next day, she already started pre-op and hoped she could avoid intense pain. Then again, she was prepared for terrible things, since she has "history of the worst luck on earth." So she decided to check in to the emergency room and paid out of pocket.

"If so many women were virtually pain free, wouldnt I be after getting it done??" Curry wrote. "Should I waste over 600 dollars on a room when I have read so many stories of perfect warrior women doing cartwheels around their jobs and kids after an explant? I was questioned why I wasn going back to my hometown to heal, the works. I know my body. I don't heal well, anything bad that could happen? Well, it usually happens to me."

Before the surgery, Curry was scared about going under, which she described as her "number one fear in life... that I will wink out of existence."

"They gave me some happy juice so I would calm down a bit before wheeling me in," she wrote. "Like many before me ... I don't remember jack s—! Well, I do remember telling someone I sell Avon and left entertainment because they're all buttholes. That's it."

After the operation, Curry thought everything was fine. Unfortunately, "that is when the pain started," and Rhode helped her drink and eat. Curry wondered if she was a "wuss" though, since she heard from other women how easy this was.

Later, Mussat sent her photos of the implants removed. One looked different and bitter than the other.

"I was so happy to have some gross toxic sack leaking in my body taken out," Curry wrote. "Yet, my pain got worse My chest swelled so badly, you cant see my clavicle. My hands and fingers looked like sausages. My eyes, cheeks, everything was swelling."

Mussat explained she had a "hematoma so big it looked like I got only one fake titty." This meant Curry needed a second surgery, but she could not be sedated before being put under.

"Of course, NO LUCK ME not only had insurance deny my surgery…for getting rid of my titty that had popped and oozed inside me…AND I needed two surgeries in a day!!" Curry wrote. "I tried to negotiate NOT going to surgery again with the Dr. Good ole drugged up me….luckily, she was having none of it. My nurse was so empathetic and kind, she was exactly what I needed. Combined with my husband and my Doctor, I felt people gave a shit and that it was ok from me to admit I was hurting. I was, I mean, that hurt more than both boob jobs and the myomectomy I had in my past."

When Curry woke up, her husband was there waiting for her. She later left the hospital earlier than her doctors thought.

"I am so happy to have that leaking sack of yellowed silicone taken out of my body," Curry wrote. "Mussat had to remove some of my bigger boob to even them out due to the scar tissue she took from my right. I am guessing I will be flat as a pancake."

In the very end, Curry advised strongly against getting cosmetic surgery for "looking hot," calling it "f— stupid."


"The risks and complications that can come with each one seem to be ignored by the next Brazilian buttlift patient," she wrote at the end of her post. "I am very interested in how I will feel now that I dont have silicone spilling around my heart and lungs. I am beyond grateful for my doctor, nurses and anesthesiologist for making sure I was ok…and doing what they had to do to ensure that no matter the time."

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