'America's Got Talent' Finals: Detroit Youth Choir Performs Same Song Twice, and Fans Had Lots to Say

America's Got Talent's final round of competition is officially underway, and fans had a lot to [...]

America's Got Talent's final round of competition is officially underway, and fans had a lot to say about one fan-favorite act's choice of final song. The Detroit Youth Choir rocked the stage at the Dolby Theater during the live final performances round of competition, choosing to revisit their version of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us," which they first performed in the audition rounds.

While their first performance of the song secured them a Golden Buzzer from host Terry Crews, the final week performance included much more dancing and stylized choreography, showing their growth from any other week of the competition.

The choir's performance ended to a massive response from the crowd, and a standing ovation from judges Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell.

"You represent all the excellence in so many people that get overlooked, and cast to the side and what can happen when you recognize that you are excellent from birth and you just need a little help," Gabrielle Union said after the performance.

"You guys shine so bright on that stage," she added as the members of the choir could be seen in tears.

Julianne Hough also praised their growth saying: "There really is no ceiling with you guys." She thanked the choir director for letting every member highlight their individual talents before bringing them together during the song.

"I don't see a choir, I see a group of individuals who throughout this entire competition have done anything you possibly can with enthusiasm, friendship, talent, personality," Cowell said. "You represent the city, you have meant so much to us, and this is going to be such a tough competition tonight."

While the judges showered the group with compliments, viewers had a mixed response to the group's choice of song. Some believed it was not the right choice to repeat the song they performed at the auditions.

However, many fans were still hoping for the inspirational youth choir to win it all on Wednesday's episode.

Tuesday's final performances episode also featured Benicio Bryant, Emanne Beasha, Kodi Lee, Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir, Ryan Niemiller, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, V. Unbeatable and Voices of Service.

Who will win it all? America's Got Talent will announce the Season 14 winner in the finale Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.