'American Idol' Fans Cheer on 'Cute' LeAnn Rimes Duet

LeAnn Rimes made a surprise appearance on the two-hour American Idol finale to perform "Blue" with former contestant Layla Spring and her sister, Dixie.

The sister duo, who performed the Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You" during the auditions, were taken completely by surprise when Rimes walked on the stage. Rimes came in at the middle of the song, and Spring gasped.

"Oh my god!" the Kentucky native yelled as Rimes arrived on the stage. Dixie also could not believe what was happening.

"You're so cute!" Rimes was heard saying before she joined the girls in the song.

"You guys are so sweet," Rimes said after the song finished.

"I can't believe that," Layla said. "You are amazing."

"So previous," Rhimes added while Dixie waved to the crowd.

Fans at home could not stop gushing about the adorable performance.

"That was one of best things all year," one viewer wrote. "The stage presence of those two girls. Anytime I get to see and hear Leann Rimes it's awesome."

"LeAnn Rimes looks good," one fan wrote.

"How freakin adorable is that little girl. Then their faces seeing Leann Rimes," another added.


"Blue" is the title track of Rimes' debut album, released in 1996. Rimes released her most recent album, Remnants, last year. Rimes also has a new EP of fresh recordings of her old hits coming out in June. On Monday, the new version of "Blue" debuted on Taste of Country. She also shared a re-imagined version of "How Do I Love" on her website.

"I originally recorded the song 'Blue' right before I turned 12 years old," Rimes said in a statement. "It is crazy to think how this one song changed the course of my life."