Amber Portwood Accuses Ex Matt Baier of Stealing a Massive Amount of Money

Amber Portwood's ex Matt Baier is a "pathological liar" who stole $120,000 from her, the Teen Mom OG cast member revealed in Monday's episode of the MTV show.

After kicking Baier out of her house due to his admitted drug relapse, Portwood confided in her brother that she thinks her former fiancé has been cheating her financially for three years.

"He told me that we could separate our bank accounts if it makes me feel good," Portwood said. "Within the last three years we've been together, tallying everything up, it's been $120,000 that I have no clue where it's went. We're not engaged and I feel like he's a pathological liar."

"And I just realized he's sending his daughter money that's not even his money!" she continued.

Portwood had brought up her financial issues with Baier in the season 6 reunion special, asking him where her money went before deciding to give him another chance.

"I don't want to sit here and keep talking s— about Matt because he's trying and we'll see where it goes," she said. "I feel Matt just needs therapy on some things. I feel [our relationship] could be different. He's a very good person."

Taking a break from the drama, Portwood spent the afternoon on ex Gary Shirley's boat with her family and daughter Leah.

Later, after another argument with Baier, Portwood opened up about her feelings to an MTV producer.

"I've given Matt more chances than I've given any man. Back in the day, I would've broken up with your a—," she said.

When asked by the producer why she was still in the relationship, Portwood said, "I think it's because I've invested so much time into it. I just feel like I got caught up in a relationship where I lost all my sense of independence. I stopped believing that I knew what I was talking about because I kept being told I was wrong, but I knew I was right! That's my fault, for letting my guard down."

"I'm almost done," she added. "I have too much ahead of me for this s—."

Portwood and Baier called things quits in June, and Portwood is currently expecting another child with new boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Baier, meanwhile, tied the knot in a surprise Las Vegas wedding to Jennifer Conlon last week.

He revealed that the two had been together for about six months, saying, "She's not a public figure. So we kept our relationship private."


Baier explained that the idea of marriage just "came up" adding that, "It was one of those situations where it just kind of felt like the right thing. We really get each other. We both have overcome a lot of stuff. It felt like the right thing to do. It just kind of happened that way."

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