Ally Brooke Shows off Major Body Transformation From 'Dancing With the Stars'

Ally Brooke is feeling fit and healthy as she comes to the end of her Dancing With the Stars [...]

Ally Brooke is feeling fit and healthy as she comes to the end of her Dancing With the Stars journey in this week's finals. The Fifth Harmony singer, who earlier this month revealed she had lost 10 pounds while in her intensive rehearsal process with pro partner Sasha Farber, showed off her body's transformation in new photos obtained by The Daily Mail, tugging on her loose jean shorts for the camera while showing up for practice.

See the side-by-side photos here.

Talking to Woman's Day earlier this month about noticing a difference in her body, Brooke explained, "You would think that maybe I would go on this crazy exercise regimen or change my diet but I didn't really do anything different. I wanted to go into the competition fresh and new and so that's exactly what I did."

She added, "I'm small so that 10 pounds really shows and I feel so much more confident in myself, I feel so much stronger, so much healthier, and it really has changed my confidence in myself all around."

Starting her day with healthy carbs and fruit, Brooke fills up on fruit throughout the day to keep her energy up during the demanding practice.

"I'm very busy but I'm having a blast doing it," she said. "You know the minute that it's not a blast then I'd put the pause button on, but I'm genuinely having the time of my life, I'm just soaking it all in."

Brooke's journey nearly came to an end during Monday's episode of DWTS, when she volunteered to go home in the place of James Van Der Beek. Earlier in the episode, the Dawson's Creek actor revealed his wife Kimberly had recently suffered a miscarriage, but was ultimately sent home.

"I'm really sad and I just feel like it's not right that he went home and that is how I feel," she told Entertainment Tonight after the show. "Obviously I know Sasha and I have been through hell and back on the show. We've overcome so many obstacles and we're strong people, we adore the show more than anything. I have had the time of my life on this show. But it's really tough, especially given James' circumstances that he went tonight."

"I don't believe it's fair that he was sent home, so I just wanted to give my spot to him," she continued. "He's been through so much and he's overcome so many things. Especially this past week, I just felt it was right to give it to him. Obviously he didn't accept it. I talked to him and he was proud of me. He told me, 'Don't be afraid to shine.' So I'm going to take that with me and I just have to do this for him, is what I feel."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images