'Alaskan Bush People': Snowbird Buries Herself in Peculiar New Preview

The Alaskan Bush People stars have to get pretty creative sometimes when the rough conditions they live in get to be too much!

In a preview for Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery reality series, fans get a hilarious look at one of the more odd ways Snowbird Brown is using to keep cool in the humid Pacific Northwest summer — digging herself into a hole in the ground.

In the clip, brother Gabe approaches a dirt-covered Snowbird, asking her, "Umm, Bird? What are you doing?"

"Burying myself," she replies simply, adding when asked further, "You would not believe how cool my legs are under this dirt."

Intrigued, Gabe asks, "Does it help with the bugs?" to which she replies, "Yeah, it kind of does — the bugs the heat, all of it."

Immediately on board, Gabe picks up a shovel and begins to cover his sister with dirt, causing her to joke, "You have to keep me watered." When asked what she would be growing into, she adds, "An adult."

But brother Bam is ready to get back to work, telling his brother Gabe sarcastically that he can wait if he's not done "burying [his] sister."

A little levity is probably needed during this tough time for the Brown family, which is working tirelessly to rebuild their lives in their new Washington home after transferring from Alaska to Los Angeles while mom Ami Brown was treated for aggressive cancer. Now cancer-free, Ami and the rest of the family is back in the wilderness they plan to call home, and working hard to rebuild a ranch homestead they can call home once more.

"As the Wolf Pack pushes to keep up momentum on their barn build, wildlife closes in," the narrator teases near the end of the clip, showing a flash of what appears to be a black bear coming to investigate the new Browntown. "And with Ami due to leave the homestead for a critical doctor's visit, the Browns North Star ranch is at risk of unraveling."

Will the Browns be able to balance work with fun while mom Ami and dad Billy are away? And what will the doctors say about Ami's health and recovery?


Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery