'Alaskan Bush People' Season 8 Premiere Date Revealed

The Alaskan Bush People crew is coming back soon!

The Brown family will be returning to Discovery on Sunday, Auguat 19 at 9 p.m. ET, the network told PEOPLE Monday, with a brand new season focusing on life after mom Ami's year-long cancer battle.

The family won't be returning to the Alaskan wilderness, however. As previously reported, the family has settled down in Washington following a stay in Southern California for Ami's health issues, and is ready for some brand new issues.

"It's a miracle is what it is," Billy Brown told the cameras in a promo for the new season shared by PEOPLE. “We’ve gone through a lot of adversity. It was like everything was closing in on us, darkness all around and it was over. Then, Washington came into view.”

Now that Ami is healthy again, the family is starting over again.

“It’s almost like being born again and starting life a new,” Ami said in the promo. “The good Lord has given me a second chance.”

“This place is made for us,” Billy added. “We have an actual ranch: barns, orchard, horses, cattle. It is a test. We can’t afford to fail on this.”

There's certainly plenty for them to do. With more than 400 acres of land, the family will contend with severe weather and the harsh wilderness as they attempt to make the Pacific Northwest their new home.

In addition to Billy and Ami, sons Matt, Bam Bam, Noah, Bear and Gabe and daughters Snowbird and Raindrop will be struggling to keep their family's ranch alive.

“This is definitely the biggest adventure we’ve ever done,” Billy said.

Fans of the Discovery series couldn't be more excited.


Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery on Sunday, August 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Discovery