'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rain Brown Shares Heartfelt Message About Growing Up

Alaskan Bush People fans have watched Rain Brown grow from the sweet youngest member of the Brown family into a self-possessed 16-year-old.

It hasn't been an easy journey, however, the Discovery reality star revealed on Instagram Saturday, sharing a lengthy personal note about her growth as a person alongside a photo of herself as just a little girl.

"I remember going out with my brothers and sister while we would cook dinner on the fire, we would play games about knights and hidden doors magical worlds with horses and fairy's (sic)," she began. "There was a very old cabin that wasn't far from where we were staying at the time I remember looking in the windows and imagining who could have lived there and what their life might have been like."

Rain Brown Alaskan Bush People
(Photo: Instagram/Rain Brown)

Brown continued, "I would imagine a happy family living there with 'grown up' problems and it seemed wonderful lolz I couldn't wait until I could be a wife and a mother everyone always told me not to rush to grow up that I would wish I was a kid again but to tell you the truth I don't regret growing up at all and I definitely don't regret being as mature as I am/was."

The teen says she feels like she has "lived twice as long as I really have," having "thought different my whole life."

"I never thought of myself as a kid so I've never missed it because I never was, to me I was a woman who was in a child's body waiting until the day where the world would see me as I see myself," she added.

The teen isn't quite grown yet, but as fans of the show will recall, has taken on more responsibility within her family unit over the last year after the Browns began to re-establish themselves in Washington.

"I'm still not there all the way but slowly and surely the world is seeing the woman I've always been," she wrote, admitting that while this was a "very long and personal post," she hoped people could take something from it.


"If you see your soul as something your body isn't. That doesn't mean your (sic) wrong," she concluded. "It doesn't mean that God made a mistake. It simply means that he put you where you are so you can find the strength to be where you want to be. The world may never see you as you feel, people may say mean things, people may laugh, or judge, but I promise there will be people who support you and see the soul that resides inside you, and they will love you. Just like I do."

Photo credit: Instagram/Rain Brown