'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Noah Brown and Rhain Reportedly Leave Home After 'Huge Fight'

Noah and Rhain Brown have reportedly left home after a "huge fight" in the Alaskan Bush People family home.

There has been no shortage of drama between Rhain, Noah's new wife, and the rest of the Brown family on the Discovery series. She finds herself especially at odds with Noah's younger sisters. According to a new report by Radar Online, things came to a head last week, and Noah and Rhain took off.

Insiders said that the whole thing began with a fight between Rhain and Snowbird Brown. Before long, however, the whole family was involved, and the couple eventually decided to flee to their cottage out in Colorado.

"Rhain got into a huge fight with Snowbird last week," the source said. "[They] did not leave on good terms. [They] have had enough of the family drama, and want to raise their son as far away as possible."

In the past, it looked like Noah and Rhain's son Elijah was helping them bridge the gap, especially when Bird saw how quickly her brother took to parenting.

"You know, I'm definitely happy for Noah and his girl," she said on the show. "He's always wanted to be a dad and a husband. I mean I admit I have a lot of mixed emotions, but I'm trying to let past problems be past problems... I don't wanna miss out on being an aunt to Noah's kid."

Another report claims that it is actually grandparents Billy and Ami Brown that are driving the conflict. An insider told Radar Online that they have been "overbearing" on the young parents, and just over a month after Elijah was born, Noah and Rhain are at their wits' ends.

"Ami is trying to tell Rhain how she parented because it is important for Ami to be able to have that connection with her first grandson," the source said. "Billy is insisting that the baby be a part of the show and Noah hasn't fully agreed with all of that yet."

Hopefully, the two are heading to Colorado just to decompress and get some time away, though sources differed on this topic. One insider said that Noah and Rhain intend to return to their family and continue filming Alaskan Bush People.

"[Noah] just kind of wants some space for a minute. … He just wants everyone to chill," they said.


The Brown family is just a few weeks into Season 9 of their acclaimed survival-reality show, and things are already heating up. Back in the wilderness after a year in California, where Ami was treated for cancer, they are rediscovering their roots and readjusting to close quarters and a harsh environment.

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.