'Alaskan Bush People': Noah Brown Gushes Over 'Angel' Wife in Intimate Wedding

It's an Alaskan Bush People first! The Browns embraced their romantic side in the Discovery show's [...]

It's an Alaskan Bush People first! The Browns embraced their romantic side in the Discovery show's season finale as they celebrated the first wedding of the family's kids.

Noah Brown, 26, tied the knot with wife Rhain, 27, in an intimate Idaho ceremony this August, which fans of the reality TV family got to see up close and personal in Sunday's two-hour season finale.

"Growing up, I always knew that I was going to get married someday," Noah revealed to the camera as footage of him getting to know Rhain during one of their many outdoor adventures. "I had one of those super vivid dreams when I was five, and since then, I was looking for her, looking for my soulmate. And I eventually found her."

He then opened up about meeting his soulmate, and knowing for the first time that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"When I met Rhain Alisha, she was basically adventuring around Alaska," he said. "I could write a book with thousands of pages with reasons why she's perfect. We kind of decided to stick together for survival. She's one of the few people that understands me and understands how I think and how my brain works. She understands my soul."

Noah continued, "I call her Angel, because that's what she is to me, my angel and light. If you look closely into her eyes, she has golden halos around her irises."

Rhain looked stunning in a white gown with black trim and elegant matching cape and crown walking down the aisle to her husband, who looked completely starstruck by his bride.

"I could have relished the moment of Rhain Alisha walking down the aisle for eternity," he recalled later. "And I was just hoping it was me she was walking down that aisle to. And it was!"

He continued, "She's my muse. I could have stayed in that moment forever as she was looking at me I love having a photographic memory, because I'm reliving it right now."

Noah also revealed a massive anatomically correct heart he had tattooed on his chest with his wife's name in it. "Now this is forever, and we had our friends and family there and said our vows before God. That way everyone knows how much we love each other," he explained.

The Browns may have had their ups and downs with Noah, but they were thrilled to see him join with his bride on their special day.

"Watching Noah holding his lady's hand, and he has that stupid grin on his face that just says, 'I'm in love,' I was quite proud of the little guy to be honest," brother Bear told the camera. "My youngest brother Noah with a giant head actually found a lady that can tolerate him."

Mom Ami felt similarly sentimental, saying, "Seeing the first of the babies get married and it being our youngest boy, it makes me really happy."

The two decided to marry on Aug. 15, exactly two years after the couple met while traveling in Alaska. Noah proposed to Rhain at sunset after a hike in Juneau in April 2017.

Photo credit: Discovery