'Alaskan Bush People': Is This the Brown Family's New Build Site?

Is the Alaskan Bush People family putting down new roots?

A photo posted by Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown recently shared on social media has fans speculating there's been a new site selected for a new Browntown in Colorado.

Earlier this month, the Browns' 33-year-old son uploaded a picture of boots on an empty plot of ground without a caption that many fans speculated is the site of the new Browntown down south.

"Build site???" one fan commented.

In October, reports surfaced that the Brown family was filming episodes of their Discovery Channel series in Colorado after leaving the Alaskan wilderness amid mom Ami Brown's lung cancer diagnosis this year.

Prior to their move south, the Browns had built a family community they called Browntown on Chichagof Island, where they allegedly lived off the grid until the beginning of their reality show in 2014.

The Discovery Channel summary of the new episode of the Brown's show Friday says that the Brown family is anxiously awaiting "rebuilding in the Lower 48."

In August, patriarch Billy Brown told PEOPLE that he and his family decided to leave Browntown once they "knew what Ami had."


Ami is currently being treated for lung cancer at a southern California hospital.

Photo credit: Discovery Channel