'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Heat up the Comments After Photo of Ami Brown Is Posted

The Alaskan Bush People Twitter account saw some harsh responses on Sunday night when a new photo [...]

The Alaskan Bush People Twitter account saw some harsh responses on Sunday night when a new photo went up online. The show's fans are notoriously torn as the show deviates further and further from its original concept, and some feel that the Brown family has put up a false front. This weekend, they saw that personified in Billy and Ami Brown.

The two parents of the Brown family posed side by side in a promotional photo that went up on Sunday night. The post was promoting the Season 10 premiere, which involved some big revelations for the wilderness-lovers, but many of the comments were bemused or even outraged.

"Welcome to Brown Town," the original tweet read.

"Seems more and more like Crazytown, sorry," one fan replied.

Others felt similar, but for varying reasons. Some wondered where the Browns' eldest son, Matt has been, and whether he will come back. They implied that the show was hiding something or shying away from a potentially engaging story.

Others mocked the show's history of heavy editing. As has been previously reported, the Brown family do not live quite as "off the grid" as the show sometimes portrays, though it has gotten better in recent years. Still, fans pointed out that their property is not zoned for a permanent residence, and that they often stay in or close to towns while pretending to be on their own.

"Still don't get why they are called Alaskan Bush People? They live in Washington State!" pointed out another fan. "They change names of shows all the time they even change the channel it airs on!"

"Looking at this photo there are no words it's not there lifestyle that's their choice but the lack of common sense that is unbelievable in some cases stupidity," added another.

Of course, after so many years on reality TV, fans feel they know the Brown family very well, and some weighed in on their relationships and dynamics. One person wrote that the "poor kids are so brain washed," and another called Ami and Billy "thieves and criminals." The two do have a complex legal history, with instances of welfare fraud in their past.

The realities from behind the scenes of Alaskan Bush People have been well known for years, though fans seem to take more and more issue with them as time goes on. This could have to do with Ami's cancer treatment, which shattered the illusion of their independence in some ways. The Browns were forced to leave their wilderness getaway and move to California so that Ami could recover.

Afterwards, the Browns returned to the woods, but in Washington state, not Alaska. The move still has some fans grumbling, and it is beginning to show in the ratings as well. After a poor performance in the spring, Sunday's season premiere of Alaskan Bush People scored a 0.4 Nielsen rating, with just under 2 million total viewers -- far from the heights that networks want to see.

Hopefully, it can pull out of the nosedive in coming weeks. Alaskan Bush People airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.