'Alaskan Bush People' Family Construction Challenged by Flood Waters

During Sunday's episode of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family dealt with their biggest challenge yet since their more to Washington State: flooding.

After record-breaking snow totals during the winter, flooding was a major concern for the Brown family and the rest of the residents in the Pacific Northwest. The melting snow created devastated floods, inspiring the Brown family to put a total halt to everything they were doing to build up their new homestead. Matt and Bam Bam rushed to help families below.

"Bush code is pretty much unwritten, but it's plain and simple that when your neighbors need your help, we stop everything," Matt said. "So when we see this flood and we see what's happening to our friends and neighbors and their families, there was no question."

"Where we come from, we never pass anybody. We always stop to help," Bam said. "It's the idea that you know, you never know when you're the guy broken down on the side of the road."

Bam was excited to help out and give back by filling up sandbags to help a neighbor.

"It's always good to see a community come together like this, because it could easily be one of us that are trying to protect our home," Bam told the camera. "And so it's nice to be able to give back a little bit to someone who needs it."

Billy was scared of the flood ruining his dreams of building a new barn. Gabe and Bam Bam were able to pull a tree stump to even out the land where they plan to start the barn construction. Even though they took that first step, the family is still concerned that flood waters will continue to rise. But the family's optimism cannot be completely crushed.

"I have the faith that the Good Lord's going to push us through it," Billy said.

The Brown family moved to the Pacific Northwest after matriarch Ami Brown was treated for lung cancer in California. At the end of season seven, the family was told Ami was cancer free. However, they needed to be a little closer to the best hospitals in the world, so they could not move back to Alaska. They chose Washington as a compromise.

Early episodes of season eight have shown the Brown family getting acclimated to their new surroundings. For example, Sunday's episode also showed Snowbird trying to go on a solo hunt for turkey. During the hunt, she mentioned how much hotter it was in Washington compared to Alaska.


New episodes of Alaskan Bush People air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. Next week, the family will try to keep their dream alive, with the clock ticking as flooding continues.

Photo credit: Discovery