'Alaskan Bush People': Brown Family Worried About Billy's Health in Dramatic New Preview

The Brown family has some serious concerns about Billy's health in the latest Alaskan Bush People preview.

In a new clip released by the reality series on Twitter, cameras capture the tense moment when the family comes for patriarch Billy Brown's aide after he begins to cough and has difficulty breathing.

"Please... Please no cameras. Please, not right now," a voice says before one of the members of the family closes the door on the cameras.

The screen then fades to black with the show explaining Billy struggled to breathe all night.

"Mother Ami alerted the kids after he collapsed attempting to exit the camper," the show explains.

From outside the camper, the footage sees as the family sits around Billy wondering what might be going on.

"I can't get enough air," Billy says. "It just kept getting worse and worse and... It's starting to freak me out."

Talking to the cameras later, Rain Brown reflects on the difficulties of seeing her father struggle with his health.

"It's definitely scary to see Dad the way he is. All of a sudden, like, he can't catch his breath," she says.

At that point, Ami suggests the family might have to take Billy to the hospital, and he nods in agreement.

"If dad is saying he needs to go to the hospital and he's going to go down mountain, that means it's serious," Rain adds. "He thinks there is something really wrong."

The clip then shows as the family gathers around Billy to help him walk out of the camper, though he insists on walking on his own.

"All of our minds are racing with, like, what could be wrong," Gabe Brown adds in another side interview. "Just having gotten out of some serious health stuff with mom, now dad going to the doctor."

Fans of the reality television family will recall the 65-year-old Discovery star was hospitalized back in October for an upper respiratory infection. While Billy was back home recovering after a short stay at the hospital, the Brown family was reeling from the health scare so soon after Ami's cancer remission and son Matt's entering rehab for alcoholism.


"Billy has been a rock for his family and it's been a hard year. He always put them first but right now he must focus on his own health and making sure he is okay so that he can continue to be there for them," a source told Radar after Billy's hospital stay.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.