'Alaskan Bush People': Brown Family Faces Backlash After Killing Animal

The Alaskan Bush People family is facing some backlash after killing an animal.On the family's [...]

The Alaskan Bush People family is facing some backlash after killing an animal.

On the family's official TV show Instagram account, they shared a photo of some of them appearing to be doing some hunting.

"Don't forget to put the safety on! Have you ever been to a shooting range?" the caption on the photo read.

(Photo: Alaskan Bush People / Instagram)

While they specifically refer to the "shooting range," some users have criticized the family for hunting animals during a "canned hunt" that is rumored to have taken place on a private ranch.

"Wow a Canned Buffalo Hunt! [What the f—]! LOSERS," one person angrily commented.

"Enjoyed your adventures because there wasn't a lot of killing featured. Sadly it seems you're going in a different direction," another person commented.

"Canned hunt of a buffalo? This will be the END of this s— show," someone else commented.

"Look, you believe this lying family. You call the ranch then. The fact is they paid thousands to kill that animal for just the fun of it. I'm sure ranchers do cull their herds but I bet they dont enjoy killing for fun," one other user asserted.

"Plus, they utilize the meat. Where would these bohicks even store 1000+ pounds of meat? In their camper? Get back to me at the end of the season and share how much of this animal they consumed. Until then, don't try to school me on anything," the user added.

Not everyone has been critical of the Brown's, however, as some fans of the show have been defending them, with one saying, "a canned trophy hunt us a hunt done behind a fence to ensure the hunter gets a shot."

"The Browns canned trophy hunt took place at a trophy hunting ranch and the bison was conveniently tied up to a place, near a dirt road so Birdie wouldn't get trampled, the bison couldn't run and she looks like she knows how to shoot," the person continued. "A canned trophy hunt is not like a normal hunt, there's no hunting involved and you don't need a hunting license or any shooting skills, you just need a wad of cash to pay the rancher."

"There is no way that ranch is going to give out information about a private hunt," another fan said of the hunt, then going on to defend the family by saying, "Also, the Brown's were not the only ones on the hunt and I know some of the crew took meat home with them!"

At this time, the Brown's do not appear to have addressed the hunting controversy.