'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown's Pregnant Ex Raiven Adams Reveals When She'll Appear in New Season

Alaskan Bush People will be welcoming a few new cast members to the Discovery series in season 11. [...]

Alaskan Bush People will be welcoming a few new cast members to the Discovery series in season 11. Bear Brown's pregnant ex-girlfriend, Raiven Adams, has announced when she'll be making her arrival on the long-running reality series. With her comes her and Brown's unborn baby, adding something new for audiences to take in Sunday nights.

While she has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Brown, both have made it clear they will be great co-parents and that is sure to play out on TV for all fans to see.

To this point, Adams and Brown have only been in Alaskan Bush People fan's minds on social media. Her arrival on the series will mark the first time they've gotten to see her in "the flesh" or as close as possible according to InTouch Weekly.

"Everyone keeps asking when you will see me," Adam wrote on social media alongside a screenshot from the series. "Just because things didn't end the best [with Bear Brown] … [that] doesn't mean we didn't have a ton of fun along the way. Can't wait for you all to see that! Don't forget to tune in December 4th. I actually have an appointment for little man the same day."

According to InTouch, Adams and Brown's relationship was always meant to have a place on the show.

"Fans will get to see Bear fall in love for the first time, and Raiven has been a great addition to the cast," a source told Radar Online after Adams and Brown first revealed their relationship. From there, both got engaged, broke up, found out they were expecting, reunited to give it another show and then eventually split again.

Peppered in the mix was a lot of social media drama for both Brown and his then-girlfriend. Trolls made Adams a target, with Brown forced to post in her defense several times and both taking breaks from social media as a result.

"Hey everybody something's been bugging me! It's sad that in this modern day and age there is so much hate! I've heard that some page is making fun of my kids sonogram picture!" Brown wrote on Instagram at the time. "I'm surprised that Facebook and people would allow such a heinous act to go on! Anyone who would make fun of an unborn baby borderlines evil! How is that allowed? The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing! Make fun of me all you want! But leave innocent babies out of it!!!!!!"

The expectant parents did reveal the sex of their baby earlier in the week, posting the good news to social media.

"Let the adventure begin [blue heart emoji, smiley face emoji]," Adams wrote on the post confirming it's a boy.

Alaskan Bush People will return for season 11 on Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.