Abby Lee Miller Returns to Halfway House After Being Hospitalized

Abby Lee Miller has returned to the halfway home she entered after leaving prison following a recent hospitalization for back pain, Us Weekly reports.

After being indicted in 2015, the reality personality was sentenced in May 2017 to one year and one day of prison for bankruptcy fraud, as well as bringing over $100,000 of Australian currency into the U.S. without reporting it. She was released early on March 27 and was sent to a halfway house in California.

Miller's former prison consultant and coach, Jennifer Myers, told Entertainment Tonight that the halfway house may almost be more restrictive than prison.

"The halfway house is a facility that is locked down and the doors lock and there are video cameras monitoring everyone," she said. "It is a cared-for facility, not like a regular house."

Myers says it will be a "little bit of an adjustment."

"They can be strict and Abby will definitely have to follow the rules. The halfway house is not a fun place to be. The men and women are segregated, but she will be with women she does not know," she said.

Myers added that the 51-year-old was planning on spending as much time out of the halfway house as she could.

After Miller was released from prison, in addition to returning to the outside world, she also returned to social media, delivering her first tweet in her trademark caustic style.

On March 27, Miller posted a photo of a now-famous meme, sharing an image of Kermit the Frog sipping tea. She didn't caption the image, letting the meme's implication speak for itself.

Less than a week after her release, Miller attended a church service to celebrate Easter. She has also been allowed out of the halfway home for other errands, such as a trip to a nail salon.

While Miller has been allowed out of the home, she must follow strict guidelines or risk being sent back to prison.

The terms of her agreement include not illegally possessing a controlled substance, not possessing a firearm or any other dangerous weapon, not interacting with someone she knows is engaged in "criminal activity," and she must submit to drug tests.

Miller is scheduled to be released on May 25.


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