Abby Lee Miller Gets 'Final' Lumbar Injection in Her Cancer Battle: 'Wish Me Luck'

Abby Lee Miller is praying she won’t need to undergo another lumbar injection after her sixth [...]

Abby Lee Miller is praying she won't need to undergo another lumbar injection after her sixth spinal procedure, the Dance Moms star shared with fans amid a battle with cancer.

The 51-year-old is currently undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, with which she was diagnosed in April after emergency surgery for what doctors initially thought was a spinal infection. This weekend, she shared two videos from her hospital room, keeping fans updated on what she hoped was her final lumbar injection.

"This is my final, I hope to God, my final lumbar injection," Miller said in a video Saturday, explaining what was about to happen to her.

"This is the table they're gonna flip me on my stomach, and then my arms are underneath me, and I can't move, and then they twist it on a diagonal so that your spinal fluid goes down into your spinal cord," she said, adding, "Okay, gotta go. Wish me luck."

"Sixth and 🙏🏻hopefully the final Lumbar Injection (spinal tap) in this Chemo treatment!" she captioned the video.

A day later, Miller posted another video from her hospital room, panning around the room and showing a medical professional appearing to be cleaning up the room after her procedure.

"The procedure is complete! I pray 🙏🏻 this is the last time someone sticks a 10" needle into my spine!" she captioned the second video.

Miller has been sharing snippets of her treatment on social media for months, revealing to fans that she even has been learning to walk again in physical therapy. But despite the journey she has ahead of her, Miller is reportedly going to return for another season of her Lifetime reality series, which was originally cancelled following her diagnosis.

Sources told Entertainment Tonight last month that Miller will return to the show, something that appears to be confirmed by the casting call for the new season.

"Abby Lee Miller has launched some of the most successful careers of this generation!" read the posting on "She is currently casting NEW talent for Dance Moms. Does your daughter/son outshine their competition? Are they destined for greatness? Would they love the opportunity to train and compete as a member of ALDC? This could be the fast-track to stardom your kid deserves!"

Additional details about the new season have yet to be released.

Photo credit: Amanda Edwards / WireImage