'90 Day Fiance': Here's Why Ashley Martson Didn't Officially Divorce Jay Smith

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have notably had a bumpy relationship. After filing her first divorce papers in January, Martson had chosen to withdraw them just days later. During the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the TLC star revealed what led to the decision to give her relationship a second, and ultimately fruitless, chance.

"It was kind of surprising to see him walk through the door at the hospital," she said. "I was still somewhat happy to see him and happy not to be alone. If I want to try to make my marriage work, then I have to withdraw the divorce. I can't say I'm 100 percent sure that I am making the right decision but I love him and I'm going to try everything I can to make this marriage work."

Martson had initially filed for divorce on Jan. 11 after just eight months of marriage, though it was revealed Jan. 24 that she had ultimately chosen to withdraw the filing. The news came just days after the 90 Day Fiancé star had been rushed to the hospital due to complications from her lupus diagnosis.

While the hospitalization came just two days after the divorce filing, Smith had still rushed to her side, where he remained throughout the duration of her hospital stay.

"I may have hurt you. I may have not been a good husband," Smith wrote at the time. "Jumping on a plane the second I found out you [were] in the hospital was something I didn't even think twice to do. We have our differences, but as long as I have life, I will never let you sit alone and suffer. I love you, and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for having me here to support you."

However, their rekindled romance ultimately fizzled out. On April 23, Martson filed divorce papers in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania for a second time, citing on the final page of the documents that the "defendant committed adultery during the course of the marriage."

In the weeks since, the rift in their relationship has only grown larger. Along with multiple fights, including an incident in which Martson threw a fire extinguisher through her ex's window, Smith is currently facing deportation. The Jamaican-native was taken into ICE custody earlier this month on a Violation of a Protection from Abuse Order charge.


Martson, who had failed to file Smith's adjustment of status, which would have allowed him to remain in the United States, apparently isn't bothered by Smith's fate. Shortly after news of his possible deportation broke, she claimed that it was "payback" for everything he has done to her in the past, including the multiple cheating scandals he was caught up in.