'90 Day Fiance' Star Fernanda Confronts Fiance After Catching Him With Another Woman at a Club

90 Day Fiance star Fernanda confronts her fiance after catching him with another woman at a club, in a new sneak peak at the next episode.

Shared exclusively by PEOPLE, the new clip sees the jilted lover demanding an explanation from her beau.

“Do you want to get married with me?” Fernanda asks Jonathan. “Of course I do,” he answers. “Well show me, because I don’t feel that!” she replies.

He tried to comfort her and let her know that he is still very much committed to her, but she is still furious and tells him not to "touch" her, then saying that seeing him dance with another woman is “the worst thing I can see in my life.”

“You were dancing with her,” she says to Jonathan — who is allegedly “drunk” — but he attempts to defend himself by saying, “She’s not even my type.”

He then claims that the woman came up to him while Fernanda was in the bathroom but that he told her, "No, I have a fiancée, she’ll be here in a second," when the woman tried to dance with him.

Fernanda does not seem so sure of Jonathan's defense, telling him that she feels like he "doesn't respect" her.

“I’m insulted by the fact that Fernanda feels like I don’t respect her. I know it didn’t look good, if you’re coming out of the bathroom and you see that situation happening, but I clearly didn’t do anything. But Fernanda doesn’t care," Jonathan then tells the camera in a confessional.

"I think Fernanda’s a little too young for her to be able to handle the situation in a mature way,” he adds. “This is basically what my friends have been trying to warn me about. It’s very frustrating — very, very frustrating.”

Fernanda is originally from Mexico and Jonathan is from Lumberton, North Carolina. The two met in a Mexican nightclub while he was visiting and ending up dating. After only being together for three months the two got engaged, but the relationship has been been rocky ever since and Jonathan does seem to be having some doubts.


“Every night we go out can’t end in a huge fight,” Jonathan goes on to say in the clip form the series' next episode. “And, to be honest, this has to get better in order for me to go through with this marriage.”

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Tune in this week to see the ever-unfolding saga of Fernanda and Jonathan.