'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Reveals Her Kids in Rare New Photo

Ashley Martson offered a rare glimpse of her two children on Instagram over the weekend, sharing a photo of them on either side of her while the trio held hands and walked on the Ocean City boardwalk. "It doesn’t get any better than this," she captioned the snapshot with a red heart emoji and hashtags "[fam]," "[mom life]" and "[beach]."

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90 Day Fiance fans took to the comments to gush over the family of three. "Your health and kiddos are first. You don’t need the added stress of a player in your life," one Instagram user wrote, referencing her divorce from ex-husband Jay Smith.

"You are a emotional strong, beautiful woman. Don't let a piece of crap run you down," another user wrote. Martson responded, "Thank you! He got me for a little but mommas back and better than ever."

"Where is Jay?" someone else wrote, to which the TLC star responded, "I'm sorry, who?"

"You are such a beautiful and strong parental figure, I hope you all had an amazing time together," another Instagram user wrote.

Martson's photo of the two kids is rare, as she has said she is dedicated to protecting their privacy amid her reality TV journey. When one commenter wrote that they couldn't see the kids' faces, she responded, "I don't post their faces. I wouldn't ever. I want them to stay private. That's why you don't see much of them."

Smith, a Jamaica native, spent most of July in ICE custody in York, Pennsylvania amid his divorce from Martson. He was released on July 31st after his boss paid his nearly $5,000 bail. Martson told In Touch Weekly upon Smith's release, "I just hope he learned his lesson and respects any future woman he chooses to be with." She also added that his deportation hearing "hasn't been announced but will be shortly."

Smith faces potential deportation amid the legal drama, which stems from a violation of his no-contact order toward Martson after she filed for divorce, citing infidelity on Smith's part.

Upon his release, Smith has been spotted with his new girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien, who 90 Day Fiance fans say looks just like Martson. O'Brien began a GoFundMe campaign to finance Smith's legal battle. Upon his release from ICE detention, she shared a video of them hugging, with the caption, "My f—ing baby...so happy, so grateful."


Martson stoked rumors that O'Brien might be pregnant, telling In Touch, "There's already a lot of rumors going around that his girlfriend, who's running the GoFundMe, is pregnant. From what I saw — she was at court — she definitely looked like she could've been expecting. So, like, if I [sponsor his visa], I would be responsible for paying his child support."

O'Brien was quick to clap back, telling the outlet that Martson "never saw my body in the courtroom, so her pregnancy speculations are trash, I was sitting the entire time."