'90 Day Fiance' Stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins Granted Restraining Orders Amid Ongoing Drama

Former 90 Day Fiance franchise stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have reportedly been granted restraining orders against each other following a massive fight between the two late last month. Back on July 30, Martins allegedly called police to their home, and Staehle streamed the encounter on Instagram Live. Later, Staehle revealed Martins filed for a protective order against him, with Martins accusing him of sexual assault and harassment.

As Staehle previously revealed on Aug. 1, he was served with the protective order, which told him to stay away from Martins. The Brazil native, 23, accused her husband, 35, of pushing her and raping her. She also claimed he threw things at her, threatened to call the police, and held on to her green card and other documents so she could not leave the U.S. Martins said she was under surveillance was not allowed to leave the house. According to Martins, Staehle also threatened to take their 1-year-old son Pierre if she ever left him and forced her to drink alcohol. She claims Staehle's mother was a witness to some of the alleged abuse.

Martins' restraining order was granted on July 31. However, Staehle was also granted a restraining order the following day, reports InTouch Weekly. They were both ordered to stay 500 feet away from each other. They were also granted temporary custody of Pierre, even though Staehle is restrained from seeing him. The judge in the case will determine which parent will receive permanent legal and physical custody of Pierre later.

Staehle, who denied Martins' claims, accused her of putting broken glass in his food in his filing. He claimed he "assaulted" him and there is security camera footage of the alleged altercation. He believes the footage will "prove" he is innocent. Staehle also claimed Martins was "missing" and took Pierre with her.

Martins denied she went missing. She later posted a long message on her Instagram Story, saying she and her son were "doing well" and she "had a lot going on" recently. "As the media showed, I had issues where the police were called because I feared for my life and my son's life which led me to ask for help and ultimately be rescued from an environment that no longer was healthy for none of us involved in the situation," Martins wrote, referring to the July 30 fight.


In her message, Martins said she was "getting the best help I could ever get" and was "thankful" for everyone helping her. "Relationships are hard and sometimes it just can't be fixed anymore," Martins wrote. "I need this time to organize my thoughts, work on myself and care for my son after everything we have been through in the last year and a half."

After allowing so much of this drama play out in public, Staehle told fans he now "regrets" taking their marital problems to the entire world. "I regret taking for granted my family would be together forever and live happily ever after," he wrote on Aug. 11, InTouch Weekly reported. He later added, "I never want to date or remarry to ever feel this pain again. To not be a part of your children's life, born and unborn, is beyond painful."