'90 Day Fiance': New Cast Draws Mixed Reaction From Fans

On Sunday, fans were welcomed with a whole new cast of couples as 90 Day Fiance premiered its new season.

The seventh season will spotlight seven couples: Tania and Syngin, Natalie and Michael, Robert and Anny, Blake and Jasmine, Michael and Juliana, Anna and Mursel and Emily and Sasha.

To no surprise, fans of the show had many different perspectives on the cast.

"I'm kinda controlling like Tania but she needs to tone it down. A lot," one fan wrote about new cast member Tania.

"Tania is incredibly immature. Like, lives in a shed immature," a second added about Tania.

"I can actually feel my my brain cells depleting with Anna's storyline...this woman's a mom?" another chimed in with, referencing new 90 Day member Anna.

"So Sasha is going to move to the US, leaving his other 2 kids behind... and this twit thinks he's going to be a good father??" a fourth noted about Sasha's strange situation on the premiere episode.

90 Day Fiance fans are always quick to pick their favorites and perhaps even more so, the ones they feel will be the biggest trainwrecks throughout the season.

Many on Twitter feel that Sasha and Emily are in for a tricky situation. Sasha is now onto his third marriage with a baby on the way with Emily. This will mark the third child with as many women. He is leaving the other two in Russia to move into the states with Emily.

Another couple that drew many reactions on social media during the premiere was Robert and Anny. The two have the least amount of time together as Robert popped the question to her on the first day they met after eight hours.


Many fans were stunned to learn of their backstory. Speaking to the camera, Robert said, "it was the best 8 hours of my life. Right then and there, I asked her. It was spontaneous."

90 Day Fiance will air on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.