'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Reveals 'Obsessive' Stalker Tried to 'Ruin' Her

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is struggling with one seriously dangerous part of being in the public eye, with the 90 Day Fiancé star coming forward with a scary story of one woman she accused of developing a "strange and disturbing obsession" with her. Taking to social media Wednesday, the TLC personality addressed her nearly 390,000 followers.

"Think it's easy and all fun 388K. Think again. Here are some facts," Dos Santos Lima said on Instagram, as per InTouch Weekly. "She compliments you, and wishes to meet up with you. Very quickly, she messages you that you are an ugly whore and she wishes ill on you."

"She is one of many women that will develop a strange and disturbing obsession with you," the reality personality added. "They will stalk your every move on social media, paying close attention to who you are close to and stalk them as well. These women will go after your husband or boyfriend, not because they want him, but to upset you."

Calling the messages she has gotten "beyond inappropriate," Dos Santos Lima accused the stalkers of trying to "hunt down" people she is involved with "in an attempt to cause a devastating family rift."

"In order to hurt me over their unhealthy obsession, they hurt many other people," she wrote. "It is not harmless, it is hateful."

Thursday, the TLC personality told InTouch that the "obsessive stalking" becomes to much that it "physically hurts."

"I know I chose to put my life out there on a reality show, and I acknowledge that I'm a controversial figure," she added to the outlet. "However, it is one thing to be criticized online, and another to be harassed in an attempt to ruin my livelihood, my family, my soul."


Photo credit: Bryan Steffy / Stringer, Getty