'90 Day Fiance' Star Jorge Nava Reportedly a Garbage Man and Cook in Prison

90 Day Fiancé star Jorge Nava is keeping busy behind bars following his February 2018 arrest on [...]

90 Day Fiancé star Jorge Nava is keeping busy behind bars following his February 2018 arrest on drug charges. Gone are the cameras and the luxury of a life on TV, with Nava now reportedly spending his time as a garbage collector, a kitchen clerk, and a kitchen cook.

According to Arizona Department of Corrections and as reported by Radar Online, Nava, who is married to Anfisa Arkhipchenko, completed 42 hours as a garbage collector up until his evaluation on March 26, 2019. He then went on to work as a kitchen clerk, completing 282 hours on the job between March 26 to May 20. According to his most recent evaluation on July 1, 2019, Nava was keeping busy as a kitchen cook and had already completed 256 hours on the job.

The 90 Day Fiancé star had been arrested in February after he was pulled over at a traffic stop in Arizona and law enforcement found 293 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car. He was charged with possession of marijuana for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and the intent to transport and/or sell marijuana.

"Mr. Nava was arrested on February 7th for possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana for sale and drug paraphernalia," the Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed at the time. "293 pounds of high-grade marijuana was seized from Nava's vehicle. The stop was made eastbound I-40 at milepost 19."

Although Nava initially spent just two days in jail before posting $25,000 bail, he was sentenced in September of 2018 to two-and-a-half years in prison, though the sentencing was light considering that he was facing decades behind bars.

"With the charges against me, I was looking at around 24 years or something like that...some ridiculous number," Nava said after his sentencing. "Luckily my lawyer was able to work out a plea agreement and I got the charges dropped and I ended up pleading to a class 4 felony in Arizona."

The distance that the arrest and sentencing has created in his relationship has been difficult, with Arkhipchenko stating in a video in December that the ordeal has been "very hard on me."

"To be honest, it has been very hard on me because Jorge and I are not just husband and wife but we are truly best friends and we used to share everything with each other and since we aren't together physically now and only get to talk to each other once a day it feels like a big part of me was taken away," she said, according to Starcasm.

Currently, Nava is set to be released from prison on August 9, 2020. He has a maximum release date of March 4, 2021.