'90 Day Fiance': See First Season 6 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé is returning for another explosive season, and from the looks of the first trailer TLC released Thursday, fans are in for a wild ride.

The hit TLC reality show will feature six more couples as they navigate the K1 visa process, move across the world to be together and decide whether they want to get married within 90 days. No pressure!

In the new trailer, fans are introduced to the couples to watch this season, as well as getting a taste of the drama that is to come, including a fight at the club and some serious baby mama drama! Here are some of the details the trailer didn't show about the couples, as per PEOPLE.

Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani, 29, of Orange County, California, met her 23-year-old fiancé while on vacation in Samoa, which is his home country. Kalani lost her virginity to Asuelu while on vacation, despite being raised Mormon, and became pregnant with his child. As the couple struggles to parent their 5-month-old, they're also running up against Kalani's family disapproving of their marriage and cultural differences.

Eric and Leida

Eric, 40, of Baraboo, Wisconsin, proposed to 29-year-old Leida within just two days of having met in her person after the two first came into contact via a personal ad he placed on an international website. Leida, who lives with her wealthy family and son in Indonesia, soon came to the U.S., where she is shocked at the way in which Eric lives. Meanwhile, Eric's own kids are questioning Leida's motives in marrying their dad.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan, 32, of Lumberton, North Carolina, met his 19-year-old bride-to-be Fernanda at a club in Mexico, proposing only three months later. But will their age gap be too much to handle?

Ashley and Jay

Ashley, 32, of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, met 20-year-old Jay while she was in Jamaica for a wedding while at the club with some friends. Jay later tracked her down on social media and proposed six months later when she returned to Jamaica to visit him. But Jay has a reputation as quite the player, and with two failed engagements behind her, Ashley seems more than willing to ignore some serious red flags on her journey to get married.

Colt and Larissa

Colt, 33, of Las Vegas, Nevada, started looking for women outside of the U.S. on social media after struggling to find a partner in his own country. He soon found 31-year-old Brazilian Larissa on social media, and the couple soon met in Mexico, where they got engaged after five days. But will Larissa's high-maintenance nature and Colt's dedication to his mom clash?

Steven and Olga

Steven, 20, of Bowie, Maryland, first met 20-year-old Olga, of Russia, when she was vacationing in America for the summer. The two quickly hooked up, and Olga became pregnant with their child. Now raising their baby in the U.S., Olga and Steven's relationship appears to be on the rocks as new parents.


90 Day Fiancé premieres Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC