'90 Day Fiance' Star Possibly Headed to 'Big Brother'

Erika Owens, who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4, could be heading back to [...]

Erika Owens, who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4, could be heading back to television soon. During the second episode of her podcast, Owens revealed that she was invited to take part in a season of Big Brother. Many of the Australia-native's fans suggested that she accept the offer, although it was not clear if she received an offer from the American or Australian versions of the show.

When Owens said she was "contacted" about starring on Big Brother, her podcast co-host thought Owens was joking. She insisted she was "actually serious" about this, and she asked her fans if she should accept the offer. It seems likely she was offered to be on Big Brother Australia since the new season is about to start production soon, notes Monsters and Critics. In the U.S., CBS has not even announced when Big Brother Season 23 will debut in the fall. The network has said the next season of Big Brother and all its reality shows will feature casts with at least half of the contents being Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Her fans urged her to take up the offer. "Yesss do BB!! You'd be amazing," one person wrote. "Yes do it you would be great they need you," another chimed in. "Please do it. It's totally different than what you were on. You are in control," another wrote.

Owens is a photographer and appeared in the fourth season of Before the 90 Days, alongside ex-girlfriend Stephanie Matto of New York. They were the first-ever same-sex couple featured on the show. Today, Owens is in a relationship with fellow photographer Chris Siclari. Although she only starred in one 90 Day Fiance season, she has a big following on social media, with over 470,000 Instagram followers.

The Instagram star uses her platform to share body-positivity messages with her fans. In a viral Sept. 30, 2020 post, she opened up about her struggle with body dysmorphia and bad habits that she worked hard to break from. "My value isn't measured by f—ing kilograms - it's so much more," she wrote at the time. "It's measured by my passion, my caring nature, talent, creativity, uniqueness, and soul. BUT even so - I'm still a babe and I won't allow some anonymous coward (or 15 a—holes every week) in my DM's try and take all the hard work I've put in to my physical and mental health away from me. Here's to celebrating ourselves ladies, men and non-binary folx - never forget how f—ing beautiful you are. And [if] you ever do, let me know so I can remind you."