'90 Day Fiance' Couple Accused of Cancer Scam, Fundraising Page Shut Down

Just a day after Brandan and Mary Denucciõ asked for financial help as Mary prepared to undergo surgery "to remove colon cancer," the campaign was halted and the couple clarified that there was no official diagnosis.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Brandan and Mary Denucciõ are at the center of controversy amid an alleged cancer scam. The couple, who married a year after appearing on the hit TLC series, are facing fan scrutiny after they seemingly backtracked on their initial claim that Mary was diagnosed with colon cancer, with a fundraising page created to help raise funds to "save her life" quickly shut down.

The controversy surrounding the couple began over the weekend when Brandan posted a link to the GoGetFunding page to his Instagram Stories, asking his followers "for your financial help for Mary's surgery to remove colon cancer" and "save her life." He added that he and his wife "need help not judgements." On the fundraising page, Mary said, per PEOPLE, that she had been "diagnosed with colon cancer" on Friday after experiencing symptoms on and off since high school, which she thought were "normal."

However, many fans soon cast doubt on the claims, prompting the couple to clarify their statements. In a statement shared to their joint account, the couple told fans, "we don't know if Mary have colon cancer yet," explaining that Mary "posted on her IG that she have colon cancer because she watch TikTok videos of what is the symptoms of colon cancer and she have all of it." They said that on Feb. 16, Mary went to a medical center to have a checkup and was left "very scared" after the nurse told her she could have "a UTI or Appendicitis and a possible colon cancer." Mary was referred to the city hospital, they said, and ultimately went to the ER, where she had various tests done.

"And Mary needs WHOLE ABDOMEN ULTRASOUND for and X RAY. And we did that. And then we got the result. The result is in our hand right now and we need to go back to the hospital tomorrow to give it to the OPD to analyze the result of her Ultrasound and X-Ray," they added. "And the doctor said we need to wait for the result and he will send us to another doctor the (gastroenterologist) for referral to of the colonoscopy. We are still.. Mary's still in pain. Please stop spreading fake news."

Amid the confusion surrounding Mary's condition, the GoGetFunding page the couple created was shut down, with a message reading, "GoGetFunding has been requested or required to stop this campaign." A representative for GoGetFunding confirmed to TMZ that they stopped the campaign after it was flagged by users for being suspicious. GoGetFunding shut down the campaign after feeling they had "enough evidence" to take it down. The page had raised around $1,300 before it was taken down, with GoGetFunding explaining that those donations were received via PayPal, and since no funds passed through their site, they are unable to offer refunds.

The Denucciõs slightly refuted those claims, telling TMZ that they were the ones to halt the campaign because of the hateful comments they were receiving. In a statement, Mary told the outlet, "I know i announced i have colon cancer. It's just im so scared that time because i was in pain and i got all the symptoms. But we are still going back and forth to the hospital and have do all the laboratory requested by the doctors." She added that she currently doesn't plan to post further about her current health crisis.