'90 Day Fiance': Colt Johnson Separates From Wife, and His Mom Is to Blame

90 Day Fiance couple Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra have decided to separate, citing Johnson's mother, Debbie, as one of the main reasons. The couple announced the change in their relationship status during the 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life Tell All episode on Friday. Johnson and Guerra were married for less than a year. 

According to People, when the couple was asked to explain how Debbie affected their marriage Guerra revealed that she moved out of she and Johnson's shared home. Colt added: "We're separated." The split came just three weeks prior to filming the special. Johnson and Guerra revealed they were actually living with Debbie at the time. According to them, there were several disagreements Colt and Vanessa had with Debbie, but one of the larger rifts happened after Guerra had a miscarriage last year.

 "We told Debbie about it and she was very — I mean, I know she didn't know at all that I was pregnant. We kept it from her," Vanessa said. "So, her reaction was, 'I'm sorry.' She gave me a hug."

She continued: "I was just very stressed about well, one, are we gonna raise [a kid] here in this house? It was just a lot of stress … so I kind of felt guilty, like maybe I did something wrong, and then I took it out on him a lot," Vanessa said of Colt. "It was just a lot."

Colt explained he felt his mother had problems with their marriage, but she didn't discuss her problems with him. He said on the show that she "obviously has some feelings or emotions, but she can't express them to me, and I don't know why." Another issue was the fact that Guerra felt "smothered" by Colt's close relationship with Debbie. "I just feel very smothered because you're constantly in Colt's face," Vanessa told Debbie on the Tell All. "If I need him, you're in his face."