'90 Day Fiance': Caesar Buys Engagement Ring for Ukrainian Girlfriend Maria

This week on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Caesar bought an engagement ring before heading to Mexico in the hopes of meeting his Ukrainian girlfriend Maria in person. Caesar told her she could fly to Mexico without a problem, after she told him political trouble with Russia made it impossible for her to leave Ukraine. After hearing what Caesar knew, Maria said she would see if she could fly to meet him.

In last week's episode, fans met Caesar, a pedicurist from Jacksonville, North Carolina. The show revealed that Caesar was sending Maria $800 out of his pay check every month for the past five years. Caesar estimated that he sent over $40,000 to her, forcing him to live a penny-pinching lifestyle in his bare apartment. Fans were convinced Caesar is being scammed, but he insists the relationship is real.

Caesar also said he tried three times before to set up meetings with Maria in person. Each time they failed to come to fruition, he lost more money each time. This time, Maria suggested meeting in Mexico, because it was too cold now to see her in Ukraine. Caesar got a $2,000 loan from his boss, then sent Maria the money to get her plane ticket.

This week, Caesar made another huge decision. He went engagement ring shopping, even though Maria had no idea he planned to propose in Cancun, Mexico. His friend Jeremy, who went with Caesar, asked the jewellery store clerk if they had a return policy, which Caesar did not like to hear.

On the way to the store, Jeremy asked Caesar what Maria will think of him when she discovers he's not a millionaire.

"I don't know. If she loves me, she'll want to stay with me," Caesar said. "You know, I've been saving all my tips..."

"You've been starving so you can send her money," Jeremy said.

"Yeah!" Caesar replied.

Once in the store, Caesar told the clerk he only had $200 to spend, but Caesar was nervous Maria is expecting a "Kim Kardashian ring, a really huge, gigantic ring that I cannot afford." Caesar showed the clerk the photo of Maria, prompting Jeremy to once again ask Caesar why he does not think Maria is sending that photo to other men. He still thinks thinks relationship is real and he bought the ring for $195.

Fans at home continued to feel that Caesar was being scammed.


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Photo credit: YouTube/TLC