'90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Is Dating Again on 'The Single Life' Spinoff

90 Day Fiance's "Big Ed" is back on the market and dating again, as he'll star in his own spinoff, The Single Life. According to Us Weekly, the series will follow Ed "Big Ed" Brown — as well as other past 90 Day Finance stars — as he picks himself up and tries his hand at dating again. Brown rose to Reality TV popularity during Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which chronicled his short-lived courtship with Rosemarie "Rose" Vega. Their time together left Brown feeling heartbroken, as he was forced to face the fact that Vega did not share the feelings he had for her.

"When I returned back from the Philippines [in September], I really came back, like, that was just a waste of my money and a complete waste of my time, and I failed. Luckily, I didn't lose my daughter, which was my biggest concern," Brown, 54, told Us Weekly exclusively, adding that he coped by burying himself in his interior design work. "I didn't think about women, and then I'm like, 'OK, it's been eight months. Ed, are you going to get back on the horse again?'" Regarding how he decided to approach dating again, Brown explained, "I hired a dating coach, which I got a lot of insight into who I am."

Notably, he has already revealed that his method worked, as he met "a wonderful girl" while filming the new series. "I really opened my heart, which is a hard thing to do when you let someone in after so many years. It's scary," Brown went on to say. "I'm realizing I have insecurities. Like anybody else, I'm jealous by nature. I'm a Taurus. … It's not telling somebody, 'I can't live without you.' It's telling someone, 'I can live with you just the way you are.' And for me, that's when you know — when you can really love somebody for exactly how they are and who they are — you've got a winner."


Brown went on to clarify that he cannot say whether or not he is currently single but did reveal that the new woman he connected with was not previously a 90 Day Fiance watcher. "Day one, she's like, 'I'm not your fan.' At first, it kind of hurt my feelings," he said, teasing an "emotional" journey for the pair. "She goes, 'I want to know Ed. I want to date Ed, I don't want to date 'Big Ed.' It was refreshing." 90 Day: The Single Life, as well as The Single Life Pillow Talk, premiere on Discovery+ Sunday, Feb. 21.