'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Hospitalized Due to Lupus

90 Day Fiancé's Ashely Martson had a not-so-merry Christmas after she spend the holiday in the hospital.

The 32-year-old reality personality revealed on her Instagram Story that she had been hospitalized due to a flare-up of her lupus symptoms, writing, "If I could ask Santa for one gift it would be Good health. Being admitted on Christmas Eve and missing Christmas morning with my children is the worst. My strength is beginning to run out but I know God's strength will pull me through."

She also shared a selfie of her disappointed face lying in a hospital bed and hooked up to an I.V., captioned, "#lupussucks."

90 day fiance ashley martson
(Photo: Instagram/Ashley Martson)

It appears the liquid diet she was on while in the hospital's care wasn't quite hitting the spot for Christmas dinner, with Martson writing, "I want food not broth. Can someone sneak me some wings and cheese fries?"

Wednesday morning, she shared more footage from the hospital, writing, "Still here but starting to feel a bit better."

In November, Martson revealed that she suffers from the autoimmune diseases after fans were curious about marks on her face shown during the TLC reality show.

"A lot of people are asking why I look so sad and like I was crying for days in last night's episode. This photo was taken hours before that filming. I had a reaction to a medication for lupus and my eyes and my neck were [completely] broke out," Martson wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself in the hospital. "They gave me steroids to help it, but it wasn't completely gone. I was battling this the entire rest of the season so I just wanted to address it."

It appears that Martson's health crisis may have also brought her and husband Jay Smith back together after rumors that the two had split surfaced earlier this month after she deleted all the photos of them on her social media pages. The Jamaican national, on his own Instagram page, shared photos of himself at the hospital next to a bed at the same time Martson was admitted.

In Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Martson appeared to be leaving Smith behind after the 20-year-old was spotted flirting with a woman on Tinder, who told Martson she and Smith were planning to meet up over the weekend, just days after the two wed in Las Vegas.

Smith eventually came clean about his cheating behavior, and punched a hole in the wall, Martson claimed, adding that she wasn't sure what to do now that she was legally responsible for her husband for 10 years through the K-1 visa process.

Soon before the episode aired, Smith appeared to confirm what his wife would soon say on national TV, writing on Instagram, "It happens and it is what it is I cannot go back in time and change the past. I can only create a brighter future and make up for whosever heart I have broken."


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