'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Addresses Rumors She's Back With Jay Smith After His Breakup

90 Day Fiancé fans are seriously nervous that Ashley Martson is spending time with ex Jay Smith after his split with girlfriend Kayla O'Brien, but she's insisting there's nothing to worry about. After the two were spotted at the same event in Pennsylvania over the weekend, Martson took to Instagram to answer questions about her status with Smith amid their ongoing divorce.

"Was it weird being at the same event with Jay?" one follower asked, prompting from Martson, "It's expected we both filmed the same show. I just do my thing and handle my business."

Another asked, "Why are you and Jay acting like you didn't hang out last night?" which brought out the reality personality's sassy side.

"Where did you see me to know how I'm 'acting' about last nights appearance," she clapped back. "I have not responded about what I did or didn't do at the event. Please don't state I'm acting some type of way…stop creating stories in your head!"

90 Day Fiancé fans watched as Smith and Martson wed in Season 6 following his move to Pennsylvania from Jamaica after they met when she was on vacation. Their wedded bliss didn't last long, however, with Smith getting caught on a dating app just days after they wed. Although the couple tried to make things work, Martson filed for divorce after Smith was caught hooking up with a woman in the bathroom of his workplace.

After violating a protective order against him, Smith was taken into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody in July, where he remained until he was bailed out by his employer after girlfriend O'Brien began a GoFundMe campaign for him.

Monday, Smith's new girlfriend revealed to Radar Online they had split after a hot and heavy romance.

"We were happy, we always had a good time together. We didn't fight, we still acted like best friends," O'Brien told the outlet. "Deep down, I think he is a good person, but he's just lost. He was just moving on his own motives and I had mine as well. We're different people, who value different things."

"God help him if he's messing with Ashley again," she added. "All I can think of is all the hard work to reverse the damage. There's a current PFA. If she turns on him again he's so f—ed. I don't know why he would put himself in that position… I feel sorry for him."

"He was loyal for a period and good to me for a period, but that's all I want to say. … I am proud of myself to have loved him and done what I did for him," she added. "Regardless of if he appreciates it now or not, he needed me and I will always be that person. Anyone I love will have unconditional love and support and he can't take that from me."


Photo credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity