'90 Day Fiance' Ashley Marston and Jay Smith Quit Show

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith are parting ways with TLC's 90 Days Fiancé.

The couple, currently embroiled in a scandal involving leaked information, confirmed that she and Smith, who met on the popular TLC series, have chosen to quit 90 Day Fiancé. The couple will still appear on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

"We filmed for Happily Ever After? and we have notified them that we quit the show," Martson told Radar Online. "The final straw was when our story started to become inconsistent because of what we were being asked to hide and not tell followers."

Throughout their season on the TLC series, in which couples going through the K1 visa process must decide whether to not to marry within 90 days, Martson and Smith's relationship was portrayed as having a series of ups and downs. At one point, Martson discovered that Smith was messaging women on dating apps, leading to speculation that they would be separating.

"I stayed by his side after the Tinder scandal," she said of the incident. "They wanted us to keep everything private and say we weren't together, but when people were seeing us out, they thought we were lying. We never confirmed or denied our relationship status."

"We want our old life back," she continued. "We're over being celebrities. We want to go back to our lives and focus on our relationship."

The couple's announcement came just hours after Martson blasted the show for "deception and lies."

"We have been asked to be very deceptive about many things during our run with the show," she wrote in a post on her Instagram Story. "We have been asked (and agreed for some time) to fake our relationship by not posting anything that makes us appear that we are together."

"We will be working with the necessary parties to find a solution to the constant deception and lies we are being asked to participate in as it is not conducive to the very real consequences that potentially exist for us," she continued. "Immigration, K-1, etc: all real."

"Personally, I thought this show was just for entertainment & that's what we were told," she concluded. "Since the show has ended I never confirmed the status of our relationship due to the contract."


Martson's criticism of 90 Day Fiancé, along with the subsequent announcement that she and Smith would no longer be involved with the series, comes amid a turbulent time for the couple, who were recently revealed to be behind an Instagram account known for leaking their private information, including recent divorce documents, as well as photos.