'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Lyssa Chapman Retweets Supportive Message Amid Explosive Twitter Rant About Father Duane

The drama continues to grow between Dog the Bounty Hunter star "Baby Lyssa" Chapman and her father Duane "Dog" Chapman. The reality star's alleged relationship with longtime associate Moon Angell have hit the clan hard in the months following the death of Beth Chapman.

While daughter Cecily Chapman has also lashed out over the reported romance, Lyssa Chapman has been in the mud with Angell herself and has posted several troubling allegations on social media.

"Been trying so hard to blame a con-artist and her drug addicted son for your actions," Chapman wrote in some now-deleted tweets, referring to Duane's rumored girlfriend Moon Angell and her son. "Now I realize, you're just a bastard. I've been fighting an evil when in reality it's all you. It's always been you. YOU are the common denominator. ... Take your best shot. Tell the world about my suicide attempts. Tell the world all my problems you try to blackmail me. I'll tell the world myself. All my problems, my flaws. I own them all ?! HOW ABOUT YOU ?!!"

Chapman continued on, claiming her father threatened her the night before and forced her to speak out.

"Speaking to my dad last night he threatened to tell the world about me suicide attempts, So I feel I have to tell the truth myself, before him as his GF can come out against me. Everything I've done I admit to," Chapman continued. "I'm NOT perfect. I have a history, I have CPTSD, I have relationship problems. I've messed up and will continue to. But I'll never be blackmailed. I'd admit to everything. Because I to learn from my mistakes."

The outburst on social media had plenty of detractors while it was public but it also brought out plenty of support. One, in particular, prompted Lyssa Chapman to retweet the message with a thank you.

"Lyssa your Bail Bond family will always have your back," Col. Jared Ring wrote to the reality star on Twitter. "You are all going through some very rough times but you know if any of them got 'that call' they would be right by your side. Anything you need please reach out." He closed the post by adding the hashtags "NYCBailEnforcement" and "RIPBeth."


Others added in their own words of support too, showing that there is a division between the camps at this point.

The outburst follows the release of a New York Times profile of Duane "Dog" Chapman where the reality star talked about needing "love" and his struggles following the death of wife Beth. One thing that stood out is Chapman's claim that he is "broke" due to medical bills and other issues.