‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Mourns Loss of Grandpa Eaton With Heartbreaking Post on Social Media

Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared some sad news to Instagram on Saturday. Duggar's husband Ben Seewald lost his grandfather at the end of the week following a long battle with cancer. The reality star and her husband's family all shared their own tributes on Instagram to the late grandfather, noting it was a blessing to spend one final Thanksgiving together.

Duggar had previously shared posts about Grandpa Eaton on social media back in July, noting it was the first time baby Ivy got to meet her great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

The reality star had the same tone in her post from the summer in her post praising God for allowing the family to share one last holiday together.

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"Goodbyes are always hard, but especially when you feel they will probably be your last," Duggar captioned the post on Instagram. "With uncertainties of declining health and cancer taking over, God was so kind to give us a final Thanksgiving weekend with Grandpa Eaton. As we grieve our loss here on earth, we take comfort in the hope that he is with the Lord."

Ben Seewald and the Seewald family shared similar post that paid tribute to the late grandparent.

"Thankful to have had time together over Thanksgiving. Special moments. We love you, Grandpa.," Ben Seewald wrote on social media.
"You are missed, but I believe we will meet again before long, with both of us in perfect health, and sing together the praise of our Savior who died to cleanse us of our sins reconcile us to God."

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"Thankful for victory over death through the death and resurrection of Christ," Seewald continued. "Even in death there is hope for those who believe on Jesus. Because He rose, we can have confidence that it is not the end, but a new beginning."

Seewald also quoted a Bible passage from Corinthians to close out his photo caption. The Seewald family released their own comment on the passing of the influential family member. This includes a look at Grandpa Eaton's musical tastes and skills.

"My wife lost her father yesterday. I covet your prayers for the family in this time of sorrow. I want to express my gratitude for his influence in her life. He always wanted the best for his children and he made sacrifices to ensure their success. He worked hard to provide a home for them, but from my view, one of the greatest things he did for them was the regular reading of Scripture and the singing of spiritual songs," the caption on the photo read. "I remember fondly gathering with them around the living room, reading a chapter in the Bible, after which, he would grab his guitar and we would sing Psalms and hymns."


The caption closes out with lyrics from the hymn "Majesty," one of the tunes that Grandpa Eaton reportedly loved to sing for his family.

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All of the tributes make up a somber but positive salute to one man's life. While he is gone and the family has lost a loved one, the memories created matter so much to those left behind.