'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Duane Chapman Says Tears for Late Wife Beth 'Have Turned to Blood' on Latest Hunt

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted star Duane "Dog" Chapman is still struggling in the wake of his wife Beth's death back in June 2019. While the reality bounty hunter has shown a lot of emotion and tears since her passing, a recent interview showed he's ready to turn his pain into something else when he gets back to work.

Amid recent family drama, potential romance and financial worries, Chapman is back to work running down jumped bonds and preparing another season of his WGN America series.

The 67-year-old sat with Fox News for an interview recently and revealed that he's working on a bounty that is his biggest since 2003, when he captured convicted rapist Andrew Luster, but it also has a personal stake in the current fugitive. It's the final bond that wife Beth Chapman wrote before her death.

"The bail they've set for him right now is $1.5 million," Chapman told Fox News. "He has vowed not to go back to jail," Chapman told the outlet. "You know, he wants to hold court in the street. And so we have the anvil and we're ready."

Dog continued, revealing that the personal connection for this bounty makes it far more dramatic for him and his team.

"My tears have turned to blood," Chapman said. "I'm still going to mourn for the rest of my life. But now it's time to separate the men from the boys. So I brought my men with me, my son and my two brothers. And this guy has a very serious problem once we catch him."

Chapman recently shared a photo of himself and his team, including son Leland Chapman, out working amid rumors of Dog's Most Wanted second season.

"BEWARE OF THE DOG !!" the reality personality captioned the photo on Instagram.

"OMG ARE U FILMING?!" a fan asked about the photo, questioning when Dog's Most Wanted might return to the screen.

TMZ has previously reported that the show was "on the backburner" with a new WGN America series, News Nation taking the original timeslot the series held in season one.


That said, Chapman was hopeful the series would start filming to kick off the new year.

"I'm just gonna kick off the new year," Chapman said to Entertainment Tonight. "I'm hoping to start season two on Dog's Most Wanted right after the holidays are over and so I'm gonna be the most bounty hunter they've ever seen. We're going to go after all the dangerous, no-good bastards that we can, so I'm kinda looking forward to beating up all the bad guys."