Jenelle Evans Reveals Flurry of Family Photos After Husband David Eason Loses Custody of Son Kaden

Jenelle Evans can’t help but stay in the headlines. The latest story finds her sharing multiple family photos after her husband, David Eason, lost custody of his five-year-old son, Kaden. The custody battle occurred during June with the North Carolina jude granting sole and physical custody to Eason’s ex, Olivia Leedham.

The news, though, just got out about the details of the custody battle. Eason had visitation rights up until November of 2018 after Leedham called the police saying Eason had assaulted her in October with the children present in the house.

“Since the entry of February 6, 2018, custody order there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child,” the document began. “It is in the best interest of the minor child that plaintiff shall have sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ minor child.”

The child allegedly "would cry uncontrollably," "beg not to visit" his father and become "evasive" when asked why he did not want to go to Eason's.

There was a whole dispute over a GoFundMe in which Leedham started a campaign that was eventually followed by Evans and Eason creating a page. Eason shared on Facebook his thoughts on the situation.

"I am super scared for my son Kaden's safety. His mother is on drugs and has kept him from me for a long time trying to hide her bad habits," he claimed in the post. "This woman has kept Kaden from me since before he was born, when she asked me to sign a paper saying I didn't have to be the dad. Olivia was always very abuse [sic] towards me and even put my son’s life in danger several time [sic] while she was pregnant."

Since the news broke, Evans has posted all over social media numerous family photos.

"Had so much fun yesterday at a wedding we attended. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids had an amazing time. The kids said 'let's find more weddings.'"

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She sent out another post of the four children.


"Youngest to oldest, just missing one," the post read, with the hashtag, family and brothers and sisters included.

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It's been quite the week for Evans as her name as popped up in the news.