'Property Brothers' Share Advice With Conan O'Brien for Buying Greenland Following President Trump's Rejected Plans

The Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott never seem to disappoint, and in Conan O'Brien's case, they really came through in a time of need.

President Trump recently stated that he had plans for the U.S. to buy Greenland. However, this did not go over well with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who called the idea absurd. This then prompted Trump to postpone his trip to Denmark, which then infuriated those who live there because they said it was an insult to their Queen Margrethe II considering it was a direct invitation from her. respond calling her comments "nasty," which fueled the fire even more.

When Trump caught wind that those in Denmark were mad about his decision, he then explained his choice by stating that Frederiksen's comments were "nasty."

This is where the Scott brothers come in handy. O'Brien proceeded to back Trump's decision up by crediting the President by saying how good Trump is at real estate — furthering his explanation mentioning that's all Trump was trying to do, was buy real estate. O'Brien agreed with Trump, saying, "I, personally, as a citizen think he might be on to something."

Cue the Property Brothers — known for turning regular real estate into prime real estate. The Scott's were guests on the show and when asked their opinion on how to spiffy up Greenland if the U.S. were to buy it, they had plenty of suggestions.

"It's all about location Conan," Drew said when asked if Greenland was a good buy. "I checked it out, your nearest neighbors are Canada and Iceland and they're both pretty quiet."

Then, the talk show host asked Scott how the island was structurally.


"I actually went over to Greenland this morning jus to take a look and here's what I would suggest. I would knock out this glacier just to get a more open concept plan and add a kitchen island. Definitely would do a firepit in the back with lots of seating, and if you want, maybe knock this mountain out of here so you'd have more natural light coming in from the north side, and natural light will also make it feel a lot bigger."

The Scott brother's suggestions came after O'Brien announced he was going to visit Greenland as part of Conan Without Boarders to try and aid in the deal.