'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Lyssa Chapman Melts Fan's Hearts With Post About Dreaming of Stepmom Beth

Lyssa Chapman made her peace with stepmom Beth before her passing, something the former Dog the Bounty Hunter star has shown in the days since Beth Chapman's passing. The reality star has shared information related to the pair of memorial services for Chapman, photos of their happier times together and a few emotional revelations. This includes words of wisdom and a tweet from earlier this week where Lyssa discussed her dreams about her late stepmom.

"I got to see [Beth Chapman] in my dreams last night," the former reality star wrote. She closed the post with a hashtag reading [sweet dreams].

While simple and to the point, Chapman's post sparked quite the discussion with fans in the responses.

"I really feel our love ones visit in our dreams," one fan wrote. "It's a way for them to communicate with living."

"I'm dead serious girl...When u dream of somebody that's not with us nomore..it's not a dream. U are really communicating with her," another fan added their own theory. "Get u a journal and when u wake write down what u remember and get a dream dictionary to decode other things."

"When you dream from some one you love respect is cuz she is guideing you or letting you know something to tell your dad or protecting her family," a third noted.

Some others felt that Beth Chapman was trying to send her stepdaughter a specific message with her dream appearance.

"She came to visit you to let you know she is at peace and loves you," a comforting fan wrote.

"Beth came to see You Lyssa for a specific visit, ...you can carry a message, n’ or be the messenger," another added before discussing the greater meaning behind it all.

Lyssa also recently shared that she got some new ink in honor of Beth's passing, posting the shot from July 24, 2019, as part of her Instagram Story in response to a question about getting a tattoo for Beth.

The ink itself is a feather and arrow line making an infinity symbol on her forearm, with the line transforming into a series of birds that fly back into the feather. It's a nice tattoo that you can see on display over here at SurvivorNet.

The young Chapman hasn't stopped sharing throwback photos on her Instagram feed to celebrate Beth Chapman's life and how they grew together. One very emotional post played into the idea that Lyssa Chapman's dreams were an answer trying to present itself.

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"I miss you as deep as the ocean. [Beth Chapman] I’m going thru some s--- and I just need you to tell me how dumb I am for worrying. Around you all my problems seemed menial, I used to hate that. I miss sitting next to you and OG on the couch. You always listened to me, heard every word I said.


"You’d digest my thoughts thru your head and spin them out to me in a way I could never understand," she added. "I need one of our talks, our arguments, our drinks."

Fans seem to think this dream could be an answer of sorts for "Baby Lyssa." We'll just have to wait and see.