'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Blasts Ex Gary Shirley for Not Telling Her About Leah's Panic Attacks

While Teen Mom OG has still not caught up with Amber Portwood's current legal troubles after her arrest for domestic violence earlier this month, the show is still finding drama in her life leading up to the arrest. In Monday's episode, she slammed ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina, for not letting her know sooner about daughter Leah's frequent panic attacks.

In the episode, fans saw Kristina tell Shirley she received a text from Leah's teacher, reporting that Leah began crying and complained her chest hurt. Leah told her teacher this happened before, and she was later ok.

Later, Kristina and Portwood took Leah to get a pedicure. While getting pedicures themselves, Kristina finally told Portwood about Leah's breathing issues and panic attacks.

"How many times does that happen?" Portwood asked Leah.

The 10-year-old replied "Eight...maybe... in the past couple years."

Portwood was instantly disappointed, throwing her hands up and asking why she was never told about this.

"I feel like no one is telling me anything right now," Portwood said. "Kristina, we need to figure that one out."

At first, Kristina said nothing.

"Kristina, when things like that happen, I would really love to know," Portwood said.

"I will keep you updated," Kristina replied.

Portwood said she suffered panic attacks herself when she was younger and it is a real concern.

"F– my life," Portwood sighed. "I just feel like crying."

As Kristina dropped Portwood off at her home, Portwood said she was "trying to hold it together" for Leah. Instead of following Portwood though, the show went back to Shirley's house. Kristina told Shirley about everything that happened with Portwood.

Shirley pointed out that they do not know if Leah really suffered a panic attack and suggested Leah has problems with boys. He also told Kristina that it might be difficult to update Portwood on everything that happens with Leah. However, as a mother, Kristina understood where Portwood was coming.

Shirley later said he did not want Portwood to think Leah is bipolar just because she has it. Kristina suggested they talk to Leah's doctor or take her to a therapist, another idea Shirley shot down.

"I want her to be her own person and not be shadowed by something that her mother has," Shirley explained.

The last scene of Portwood's story Monday night showed her in tears at home as she struggled to understand why Shirley and Kristina did not tell her about it right away. Portwood told boyfriend Andrew Glennon that it sounded like Leah had symptoms of anxiety. She told Kristina that Leah should see a therapist, but Kristina just shrugged, Portwood told Glennon. Portwood said Kristina should call her the moment that happens to Leah, she should call because she could offer some advice.

"I'm still her mom," Portwood told Glennon through tears. "Like, I did some s– back in the day, but that has nothing to do with today. All I want is for her to be healthy. I don't want her to have panic attacks because I remember how horrible it was for me as a kid."


New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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