'Teen Mom': Jenelle Evans and Cheyenne Floyd Trade Blows on Twitter

Jenelle Evans can't seem to stop stirring up drama when it comes to the ladies on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Following Amber Portwood's arrest over the weekend, Evans has been dropping some serious shade on her the OG cast member. But Portwood isn't the only one with a beef against the ex-Teen Mom 2 star.

Cheyenne Floyd has shown support for her fellow Teen Mom OG castmate, prompting Evans to comment and delete tweets criticizing Floyd, Portwood, and the entire Teen Mom universe.

In a deleted tweet reportedly quoting David Eason, Jenelle criticized both Ford and Portwood.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Twitter)

"Got the alcoholic retweeting the racist who is commenting about the assaulter," the post from Evans read.

This prompted a fiery response from Floyd that called out Evans directly and included Eason.

"Coming from the real racist, dog killer, abuser and honestly the most unstable individual I’ve witnessed.. GREAT STATEMENT," Ford wrote on Twitter. "[Get] custody of ALL your kids and stay out of court before you talk about me."

Evans then fired back in another deleted tweet that was quickly screenshotted by fans.

"Cheyanne should be the last one talking when she has no idea what she's talking about. Not even a true OG," the ex-Teen Mom wrote and added a facepalm emoji to the end.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Twitter)

The back-and-forth continued on, with Floyd lashing out again and telling Evans to not use her husband as a shield.

"[Don’t] come for me unless you can back it up.. stand up for yourself don’t use your dumb a-- husband. I AM NOT THE ONE." Floyd said, drawing plenty of cheers from her followers on social media.

Evans then retweeted the response before deleting again, calling Floyd a replacement on the Teen Mom OG series.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Twitter)

"Always including yourself in someone else's drama. I'm surprised even Maci would engage in that. You act like I'm scared to talk to you? Don't talk to me. You're just a replacement," Evans wrote, concluding with the hashtag irrelevant.

Floyd quickly shot back, telling Evans that she was "fired" from the series, questioning where that leaves her.

All of these was deleted from Evans' side of the conversation, leading many to call her a coward for deleting the posts and sharing shallow statements against someone online. Others questioned why the former reality star would stir the pot so soon after winning back custody of her children.

For Evans, that could play a part in why she's deleting the tweets, with one alluding a "reason" she's deleting. She's also playing innocent when it comes to why chatter is always swirling about her.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Twitter)

"You would think I wouldn’t be the topic of everyone’s conversation since I’m not on [Teen Mom] anymore, but damn they keep at it," Evans wrote.

It's safe to say that most fans were not buying it, pointing out that Evans started the drama with both Portwood and Floyd while also questioning why she wasn't spending time with her children.

"You would think you would stay off social media and spend time with the kids you lost for a month," one critic wrote, echoing other critics.

"Damn, she has had her kids back for 5 minutes and she is already making a fool of herself on social media," another wrote.


As for Floyd, her supporters are firmly behind her while also telling her not to waste her time on the former Teen Mom.

Even though she has been fired, it is clear that Evans has not given up on being in the spotlight. It just remains to be seen when it will backfire.


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