'Little People, Big World' Star Jeremy Roloff Reveals 'Rough Week' Post That Has Fans Applauding

Just after his wife Audrey Roloff opened up about the bumps in their marriage, Little People, Big World alum Jeremy Roloff is getting candid with fans, revealing that he and his wife have had a “rough week.”

The TLC reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday just hours after his wife shared an emotional post stating that they are “working through” troubles in their relationship. In his own post, Jeremy shared a similar sentiment, acknowledging that they’ve “been having a hard time.”

Jeremy and his wife had tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed daughter Ember in September of 2017.

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“If you’re anything like me, communication, and expressing my emotions doesn’t come very easily,” he began. “It’s something I need to work on. It’s been a rough few weeks (which is not what you see on Instagram) and we’ve needed communication more than ever.”

“In fact, one of the reasons I think we’ve been having a hard time (besides being overworked) is that we got out of our weekly habit of communicating and expressing our thoughts,” he continued. “Book tour messed up our schedule quite a bit and we’ve just been ‘off’ since.”

Jeremy went on to explain that he and his wife “started back up our Marriage Journal rhythm” about two weeks ago and that “it’s helped us identify what’s wrong and the next the steps we’re going to take, because we actually spent intentional time connecting, communicating, and writing things down.”

“So, we’re going to continue processing the speed in which we run and take a hard look at the lifestyle we want and what we’re doing to live it,” he concluded. “Thanks everyone for the sentiments.”

The post marked a stark contrast to the posts that fans of the couple are used to seeing on their social media. Fans frequently comment on their what appears to be a picture perfect life, though in her own post, Audrey Roloff had ensured fans that what they see on “the ‘gram'” doesn’t always tell the full story.


“We fight, struggle, cry, and face challenges just like anyone,” she wrote. “I’m saying this here because if you look at my Instagram feed from the past 3 weeks you don’t see the long tearful conversations, the hurtful remarks, the compiling complaints, the critical spirits, the prideful inner dialogue, or our unloving and disrespectful attitudes.”

Roloff had ended her post by stating that “even the people you follow on social media who seem to be the most ‘real’…have struggles they don’t share, and hurts the don’t publicize. We all do. And that’s ok!”